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The Finest Advice from Wholesale Distribution Executives in the Industry

APIC is the best conference in the distribution industry to get innovative ideas about better serving your customers while growing profitability and reducing cost-to-serve. Watch the video to see how APIC would benefit your company this year. This is not something you'll want to miss!

Reduce Cost-to-Serve and Increase Profitability in Distribution

Learn how to reduce your cost-to-serve and how your sales team can work together to strike the best deals with customers and create win-win situations for both you and your customers.

APIC Has The Most Knowledgable Speakers in the Distribution Industry

The speakers at the Advanced Profit Innovation Conference are the finest in the distribution industry. Every year, they teach the most powerful strategies and tactics to add tremendous profitability to the bottom line of your distribution company.

The APIC Conference is Most Effective When Attended in Teams

Learn how the APIC Conference is most effective by attending with members of your executive team. Information is more quickly absorbed and retained, and then rapidly disseminated back to your home office.

The Advanced Profit Innovation Conference is Like No Other

The knowledge gained at APIC is like nothing you'll find anywhere else in the distribution industry. People return again and again in order to continually learn new and profitable ideas and strategies.

APIC Features a Variety of Speakers in the Distribution Industry

See how the variety of speakers we offer combined with a laser-like focus on profitability draw people back to APIC again and again.