APIC Topics

Critical Analytics for Profit

Randy MacLean

New analytics are driving new levels of profit performance, and are providing surprising insights into a company's profit drivers and support innovative selling techniques. You'll see the advanced reports companies are now using to: segment sales programs; spot significant profit drains; identify target accounts; set pricing; and modify customer behavior. Putting these analytics to work can give you effective new practices that drive profits.

Negotiate for Profit

Barry Wright

Data, Demanding Clients, Internal Challenges, Internet. What's a Business Executive to do? NEGOTIATE

We'll help you to better understand the game. Facilitated to challenge, excite you into action. Tips and secrets of the power negotiator giving you the capability not to leave money on the table.

Leveraging Analytics to Lead Change that Sticks

Dr. Barbara Trautlein

"Leading change" can seem like a fuzzy topic. How do you keep score? What metrics make a difference? Learn how to assess your team's capacity to lead change and focus your people on the new approaches they need to embrace to meet the competitive challenges in today's marketplace.

Discover Your Best Innovation Metrics

Bruce Merrifield

Financial metrics are lagging, downstream symptoms of upstream root causes for profitable and unprofitable customers and SKUs. Get new insights that matter with the right: questions, theories and analytics. Then, to close the gap between Insights and Fruitful Action with best, new, Innovation Metrics. Attend this presentation to go home with those catalytic metrics.

The Analytics of Efficiency

Randy MacLean

The emergence of a new class of companies with surprising levels of profit performance is shaking up the order of things in distribution. In this session, Randy shares the insights gained when examining the attributes of distributors with profit rates above 20%. He'll reveal a whole new class of metrics that measure the elements that drive world-class performance, and show you how to put them to work in your own organization.

Reaching and Sustaining a 20% Return on Investment (ROI)

Brent Grover

Now that "big data" analytics have become widely available, being able to measure a customer's profitability is no longer an extravagance. It's a must if you want to stay competitive. Using strategic pricing and customer profitability analysis, Brent Grover will show you how to increase ROI, increase enterprise value, and make more money with the customers you already have by building margin, raising people productivity, and reducing cost-to-serve.

Profit in a Multichannel World

Dr. Jonathan Bein

For many distributors, multi-channel only means adding e-commerce alongside field sales. However, there is more to multi-channel than just field sales and e-commerce. It might or perhaps should include proactive inside sales, vending machines, mobile, email, and SMS/MMS. The key driver for all of these potential channels is your customer's need for more efficiency in how they shop and buy from you. Using information from over 5000 customers of distributors and several hundred distributors, Jonathan Bein will show you how to get the best ROI from your sales and marketing channels in this new age.

The Innovative Distributor™ Mindset

Dirk Beveridge

Why do 71% of distributors believe the pace of change is too slow in their business? The answer resides in the mindsets of your leadership team. In this dynamic and compelling session Dirk Beveridge leverages his latest research to introduce the eight core mindsets of innovators throughout distribution. You'll use The Innovative Distributor Mindset Scorecard to quantify and qualify your organization's readiness for change and innovation.

Every Company's New Mission

Randy MacLean

Wide adoption of analytics is increasing competitive pressure while enabling companies to deliver profit rates well above historical norms. In this session, Randy will take a fresh look at the core mission of distributors, and the critical importance of efficiency in 2017 and beyond.

The Marriage of Analytics and Selling Profitably

Ron Holm

In this session, we will review a grow-gain-retain growth mindset and how to use analytics to accomplish it. We will overview how to incorporate the science and psychology of selling your products and services, with an eye toward you dominating your market by the year 2020.

Account-Based Marketing: Leverage Marketing to Identify and Land Key Accounts

Susan Merlo

Which is more profitable and efficient? Fishing with a spear or fishing with a net? Learn how to fish with a spear—identify and penetrate key accounts, and deliver on your growth goals efficiently—by better aligning your Marketing Team with your Sales Team. You'll learn how your marketing team should be set up to fully support your sales efforts so your salesforce can penetrate and land Targeted Accounts instead of being handed a net full of throwaway leads. Have big fish to hunt and/or an inefficient marketing effort? If yes, don't miss this session!

How to Use Concierge Customer Service To Boost Your Profitability

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert

Learn the cutting-edge profit strategy used by top distributors: Concierge Customer Service. Enjoy the opportunity to 1) retain your most profitable customers, 2) attract more customers like your top customers by giving your salespeople a business case with which to sell, and 3) transform money-losing into money-making customers.

Distributor Sales: Training, Coaching and Compensation

Ken Brown

Your sales people understand volume and gross margin, but do they understand the "Power of 1%, operating profit and cost to serve?

Are you happy with your sales team? Are they delivering as you hope and expect? If yes, you're likely in the minority. Are they motivated negotiators or just loaded with product knowledge?

In this session you will learn ways to connect sales compensation to operating profit, organic growth and other strategic objectives. Distributors who strive for extraordinary growth and profits need sales training, coaching and compensation plans that encourage the right behaviors and reward for the right results. It's time to transition your sellers from a self-directed to a management or strategically directed team. Finding new customers, sales growth, margin improvement, increasing order size, reducing cost to serve, etc., are important factors that need to be top of mind for your sales organization. This session will address ways of improving sales performance and aligning the sales team to your company's strategic objectives.

Measure What You Want to Manage

Steve Epner

Analytics are used for many things. Management is one of the prime values. By measuring the right things, allowing your team to participate in the definition of the metrics, goals and timing, any company can improve their results. By the way, there are two big secrets: 1 – many of the best metrics are non-financial that drive financial results; and 2 – you normally need two opposed metrics to make sure you do the right things.

This interactive session will provide you two simple questions that will lead to many opportunities to improve your operations. Then we will show you how to find and implement the best metrics to drive the results you want and need.

Secret Sauce of Analytics Adoption

Gary Owen

You can't quantify progress, adjust processes, or produce desired outcomes—such as improved profitability—without clearly established success metrics and a way to track progress towards your goals that works for your whole team.

In this session, you will learn two approaches to analytics adoption in a distribution business, why careful attention to dashboard design and hierarchy is key to aligning your team around a shared set of goals, and how answers to a few simple questions will get your analytics initiative on the right track. You'll also walk away with a template you can start using the minute you step back into the office.